My Story...

How did I get into this?  Well, here's my story (short version)!

Growing up in Virginia Beach, VA, I always had a strong interest in art.  I loved to draw and create, and took fine art courses in high school and college.  Unfortunately, school was not as interesting to me as my social life was, so I never finished.  After moving to Raleigh, NC in 1992, I had a very successful Real Estate career in the Homebuilding Industry in sales and management.

Due to a collapsing economy that hit my industry exceptionally hard, I was laid off in 2008.  While unemployed I started to crave a creative outlet.  I took some painting classes and rediscovered my passion for creating art.  After lots of prayer and tremendous support from my family and friends, I decided to change my career path and focus on my painting. 

I paint because I love to create.  God gave me a precious gift, and I'm thankful every day for it.  My style is impressionist with an emphasis on vibrant colors.  I enjoy creating art that captures the spirit of the moment and inspires others.  My inspiration comes from simple, everyday things.  I may see a home with beautiful dappled sunlight, or children playing on the beach; something clicks and I’m off to paint.  I strive to capture and recreate the true character and spirit of the moment, and I want the viewer to feel like they’re experiencing the moment, too.  I want you to “want to be there”.   If my art enriches someone else’s life, or my own, then it’s worthwhile.