Artsplosure Finds

We spent a lovely day in downtown Raleigh at Artsplosure, the Raleigh Arts Festival.  This was by far the best art festival we've been to so far this year. 
We only played in the "Art Market" section before heading to the City Market for lunch.  I fell in love with several whimsical pieces, but only came home with 2!  
This first photo is of my new "standing fish" by Charlie Yowell.  He really had some nice stained glass sculptures, especially "sea critters".  There was a beautiful sea turtle I really wanted, but will have to wait a little while for. (I included a link to his website, but unfortunately it's under construction right now).  

My next treasure is a "catfish" from Martin Henry Designs.  He was just too cute to resist!

Some more artists of note are Redman Pottery, who had some fabulous bird items; Yvonne Miller of Four Footed Art creates really fun dog and cat pictures with fabric and paint; and Richard Overman from Cincinnati makes some FABULOUSLY whimsical animal-ish pottery (no website :o( ).  Of course, there were MANY more than just the one's I mentioned, I just didn't grab enough cards!