The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

So, the Carol Marine workshop this past weekend was AWESOME!  I don't usually paint still life, but now I think I'll have to some because they were really challenging and fun (...mostly!).  I had my moments of frustration, like when I bought this really great turquoise bowl to paint and couldn't nail it for anything.  The fruit was much more forgiving! 

One of my favorite lessons was to paint using one stroke- what that meant was we had to mix our paint color for every paint stroke- not several strokes with one color.  It really made me slow down and be more intentional with my technique.  I also really enjoyed learning more in depth color theory and all the little tidbits and advice Carol offered.

My next goal is to participate in the Daily Paintworks Challenge.  Each challenge consists of an image- either a photo or a painting- and a description of instructions.  Participation is as simple as submitting your version of the image.  I'll post anything I submit, so be on the lookout! 

Here are some of my "lessons" from the workshop~ enjoy and thanks for visiting!  
(AND just a HUGE shout out of thanks out to Carol Marine or sharing her talent with us here in Apex, NC and to Cathy Martin for making it happen!)

Value Study- 30 minutes to complete
Value Study- 15 minutes to complete

One stroke exercise

Extra time practice- One stroke 

Each of these was a 10 minute exercise

Last painting of the workshop- 


  1. Creative challenges are so much fun :) Even when a bit frustrating at times ;)


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