Encaustic Lecture

I went to a lecture last night at the VAE on "Encaustic Painting" (painting with hot wax).  Local artist Sharon DiGiulio was the lecturer, and I must say, I enjoyed her as much as learning about encaustics!  She is a hoot~  I learned a lot in the short 2 hours we had, and we were able to play a little bit with the wax.  My creation is above- it was really very cool.  It may be a while before I can delve into encaustics outside of a workshop, but I definitely see it in my future!  
I also met another local artist, Bethany Bryant, who's mother, Karen Pearson, I've known for years from my "homebuilding" days.  Bethany works in oil pastels and I've seen her work around town and just love it, so it was fun to meet her and make the connection, too!