Hand Painted Wine Bottle Lights

I've been having fun making these wine bottle lights!  It's been a long process figuring out the best way to get the bottles to "work" in a way I wanted them to~ and I'm not a very patient person, so it's been quite a journey- ha!  Below are some of my latest creations.  I can duplicate and personalize any of these, as well as come up with a custom design.  

They're $35 each and $13 for shipping (if applicable).  Contact me directly at crpillow@gmail.com if you're interested in ordering one (or 2 or 3...)  Please allow 2-3 weeks for custom orders.

Thanks and enjoy!


Coral and Starfish (with initial)

Crabs with Green Seaweed

Crabs with Red Coral

Flower with Initial

Flower with Initial and Chevron Pattern

Sunset Beach

Sunset Wave

Sunset Wave 2