Out on a Limb

One of my favorite places to be when the weather is nice is on my front porch.  I love to read, paint, relax, etc., as soon as the weather permits!  Since I've started painting, I've become very observant of my surroundings, especially nature.  Every spring we'll have several nests pop up and I love to watch the "parents" build, prepare for, and then take care of their babies.  Sometimes I'm blessed with seeing those babies actually leaving their nests!  I usually run get my camera and follow them all around until I have a million photos.  It's really quite amazing to see it happen!
We had some baby chickadees one year in our cherry tree and it was really hard to get some decent photos of them because of all the branches and leaves. I ended up with a few good one's and decided recently to actually paint some.  I think this might have been mom or dad watching out as they fluttered around.  I love watching the chickadees because they're just so stinkin' cute!
6" x 6"
acrylic on deep canvas