Catching Up and Fused Glass!

Second Project- playing with reactive glass
Sushi Plate and Bowl

I realized this past week that I haven't been keeping my website updated.  This has been one LOOOONNNGGG winter!  I haven't painted as much as usual, or as much as I'd like to, but I have been taking some glass fusing classes, which I LOVE!!!  I'm so obsessed and totally ready to buy a kiln; however, my husband thinks we need to clean out the garage first, or something silly like that...whatever!

During my first class at Carolina Stained Glass in Durham, NC, we learned some basics.  Cutting, kiln temps, different ways to paint on fused glass, etc.  Below are some projects from the class.


First project- full fused (flower) and tack fused

I had seen some similar colors used with silver foil that created a cool reaction.
 We're not allowed to use silver because it contaminates the kiln,
so I played with some dicrotic glass (the silvery blue) to create a similar look

Jimmy Fallon's late night show set background was the inspiration for this pattern!

Loved doing this basketweave!  It was a little more advanced than what
 we were doing in class, but they let me do it anyway!  :o)

Playing with some leftover glass

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